WS - 10

Working with a complete environment in UEFI

WS - 10

Working with a complete environment in UEFI


Workshop Objective:

The operating system is the main working space of a computer. But it is not the first system which is launched your computer. Previously, an UEFI (descendant of the BIOS) permits to set up the system and its main configuration. This system is not just a short state but a little operating system with its own applications and Driver. Its completely independent situationmakes it very critical. Becoming in the center of the different question of security, it is now necessary to understand it.

The aim of this workshop is to give you the main elements around the utilization of an UEFI and a shell UEFI. Moreover, it permits to be able to write your own application and driver which are executable in UEFI. Finally, it gives you the different key to be able to continue to understand the system alone with the possibility to debug the source code of UEFI.

Course Content (ToC):

  • Introduction around the UEFI
  • Compilation and Basic utilization of EDK2
  • Creation of an UEFI VM
  • Utilization of UEFI Shell
  • Creation of UEFI applications
  • Creation of UEFI basic Drivers
  • Debugging in UEFI with Windbg


  • 1. Hardware
    • 1. A laptop
  • 2. Software (ideally preinstalled):
    • 1. Windows 7-8-10 operating system
    • 2. Visual studio community 2015-2017.

Participants Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of programming in C

Who should attend:

  • Students in IT, more specifically in cybersecurity
  • Security and software engineers.
  • Embedded system engineer.
  • Anyone who wants to understand the system under the system

What to expect:

  • Get good knowledge around the UEFI system and its API
  • Get different knowledge for creating an UEFI working environment
  • Get knowledge practice by working in an EFI Shell
  • Get knowledge practice by working on UEFI applications
  • Working in UEFI with a debugger

What not to expect:

  • Completely understand the UEFI system. It is like a little operating system, this one is too important to be a perfect expert in just one workshop.
  • Being able to flash your own motherboard to change your firmware. This operation is quite dangerous and it requires to know hardware requirement from the manufacturer.

Speaker Profile:

Pierre Francois Maillard

  • Total of two years of experience in building and breaking Smart IoT Devices in various fields such as Biomedical, Embedded system, Additive, and Smart Manufacturing.
  • Experience in the security domain.
  • Created an online course on Exploiting IoT Device at Hakin 9 Magazine.
  • Delivered talks and hands-on workshop to more than 500 students for several IoT local chapters and hackerspaces in India.
  • Loves spending most of his spare time in making, breaking and securing IoT Devices.
  • Excel at operating and working with hardware
  • Always curious to dig in the current and upcoming technology to build applications that can serve humanity and improve the world we live in.

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