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Thank you all for being part of c0c0n 2021 to make the ONLINE event a grand sucess.


About c0c0n

13 year old platform...

c0c0n is a 13 years old platform that is aimed at providing opportunities to showcase, educate, understand and spread awareness on Information Security, data protection, and privacy. It also aims to provide a hand-shaking platform for various Corporate, Government organizations including the various investigation agencies, academia, research organizations, industry leaders and players, for better coordination in making the cyber world a better and safe place to be. Various technical, non-technical, legal and community events as part of the conferences.

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c0c0n 2021

We are online this year...

We abide by the COVID Safety Instructions, But at the same time we prefer to connect with the community by taking all the needed precautions. We invite you this year with a set of Talks, CTFs, Workshops and more.

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Conference 2021

Workshops : 10 - 11 Nov, 2021

Conference : 12 - 13 Nov, 2021

Past Speakers


Shri. A P J Abdul Kalam

Former President of India


Shri. Ajit Doval

National Security Advisor of India


Shri. Arif Mohammed Khan

The Hon'ble Governor of Kerala

Shashi Tharoor

Shri. Shashi Tharoor

Member of Parliament, India

c0c0n 2021 Speakers

Inaugural Address
Ministry of Defence, India
Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti
Head of cyber Security
United Arab Emirates Government
H.E.Tomasz Zaleski
Keynote Speaker
H.E.Tomasz Zaleski
Royal office of HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin
Faisal Al Qassimi, UAE
Dr. Kailasavadivoo Sivan
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Kailasavadivoo Sivan
Indian Space Research Organisation
Secretary DOS
Keynote Speaker
Managing Director
and Chief Executive Officer
Tech Mahindra
Jeff Jarrett
Celebrity Guest
Jeff Jarrett
WWE Hall of Famer
& Professional Wrestling Promoter
/ Executive


I must say that I was blown away by both the arrangements, design, and hospitality. Before going there I didn’t know such a place even exists (Kerala), and I found one of the most beautiful places on our planet (God’s Own, right?).

At first the idea of Cyber + Policing seemed strange, but there were plenty of interesting talks – both “high level” and “technical”. Also got to meet great people.

Thank you guys for all the efforts you’ve put into this great event!

Ben Herzberg c0c0n Conference

Ben Herzberg

Security Research Group Manager at Imperva Incapsula

Cocon is a unique experience. This is one of the few conferences that brings together lawyers, hackers, industry experts and politicians. It aims at encouraging dialogue and greater interaction in the fight against cybercrime. And it is a true success!

Cocon is a major event in the computer security world that takes place in India. During our last stay, we had a very warm and friendly welcome from the Cocon's organizing team. Attending this conference was a very good experience for us.

DAVID Baptiste

DAVID Baptiste

Executive Director, CVO laboratory

My experience of c0c0n 2014 was that the conference covers a broad spectrum of information security topics. The conference is supported both locally and internationally by the Government of India, Kerala State Police, Polcyb, and private enterprise. The conference is well organised and executed, with speakers addressing various topics of interest to anyone engaging in online investigations, or information security. Speakers are sourced from the region and internationally, presenting, and discussing issues they experience at a local level, and which are identified as common to all. c0c0n will broaden your technical and policy knowledge relating to online protection and vulnerabilities.

Christopher Creedon

Christopher Creedon

Detective in the Child Victim Identification & Special Projects Unit at Task Force Argos, Queensland Police Service (QPS)

c0c0n conference provides a good perspective from corporate, public and government views on Information Security. A very well organized conference with excellent themes and topics covered.

Sunil Varkey

Sunil Varkey

Security Professional

Hearty Congratulations to ISRA on seven years of pioneering service to Information Security & its evangelization!

The connect that ISRA had created between Government, Public & Private Organizations had been remarkable with its unique involvement of NextGen from academia. The footprint of ISRA’s work in global arena through co-hosting COOCON by involving Information Security Professionals & organizations of International repute is commendable. The thought leadership and patronage galvanized by ISRA to make the Indian impression in the global forum of Information Security needs all praise and encouragement for the road travelled and its vision for the future!

Many thanks ISRA! All the best for your future endeavours!

Maria Bellarmine

Maria Bellarmine

Head - Information Security Governance at Hexaware Technologies

c0c0n is a great conference, much bigger than I was expecting: all of the organizers, crew and sponsors have been so nice with me, and I've learned a lot about India's hacking underground and security challenges in this huge country.

Raoul Cheisa

Raoul Cheisa

Member PSG - European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)
Founder & CTO, - Italy


10th - 11th November, 2021

During the workshop, we see how different mistakes can be exploited to impact the integrity of a program by hijacking its execution flow of the process. We are dealing with processes compiled with last security options, i.e.: Security Cookie, ASLR (Address Random Layout Randomization), DEP (Data Executive Prevention) and CFG (Control Flow Guard)....

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Secure coding is important for every development, engineering team. 80% of software security problems are caused by insecure coding, which is why secure coding standards are essential. There are several secure coding practices to practice. That’s reason you need a secure coding standards, rules and guidelines used to prevent security vulnerabilities

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Most of the Web Application pen testers perform vulnerability analysis from Blackbox perspective, such approach cannot guarantee complete coverage of the vulnerabilities in the applications. It is very much important to acquire knowledge on Whitebox strategies. This workshop would be beneficial for people who would like to initiate secure code review or secure code development careers in the Java web application area.

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Secure code audit is a highly effective process of identifying vulnerabilities in software. This process requires a more in-depth analysis of an application in order to find the security flaws.

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The objective of the workshop is to provide the audience about the basic understanding of Offensive and Defensive team fundamentals, different tools and technologies used and real time threat detection.

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Security Audits of IT Infrastructure is an important activity in almost every organisation to ensure the compliance of security controls and policy. It is also critical to protect organisation from emerging cyber threats and vulnerabities in the cyberspace and instances of data leakage. Generally, IT Audits are carried out physically which is a cumbersome and inefficient method. Auditor may not be able to cover all systems in a limited time period. Manual checking of security controls may also lead to human errors and make audit process ineffective. To overcome such limitations, an online automatic audit tool is need of the hour....

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CTF events...


Get ready to put on your hacker’s hat as we gear for DOME CTF 2021. Organized as a joint venture by Kerala Police Cyberdome and Beagle Security, at c0c0n XIV, the CTF serves as an exciting avenue to showcase your knowledge and skills to solve interesting cyber security challenges.

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NULLTRACE believes that CTF helps you explore and be familiar and updated with new defense mechanisms in cybersecurity. To gain confidence one needs to practice rigorously, and participating in CTFs is the best way to polish your defense skills.

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Winja CTF

Winja, an initiative of Nullcon, is a virtual community run by volunteers. At Winja, we aim to build capabilities in the field of Information Security via various community events.

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c0c0n 2021 Online Conference


c0c0n 2021 is a Virtual Conference

c0c0n 2021 Workshop Date


November 10-11

c0c0n Conference 2021


November 12-13


Kerala Police


c0c0n 2021 Supporters

Cochin Smart Mission Limited
Indian Oil Corporation
Petronet LNG
Federal Bank
CSB Bank
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Elastic Security Solution
GAIL (India) Ltd.
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Breaking Barriers - Lean In Circle
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WICCI Public Safety & Security Council, Bengal
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