c0c0n 2020

c0c0n 2020

Going virtual is the new normal !

With respect to the current global COVID -19 Pandemic Scenario, we have taken the decision to keep COCON 2020, a virtual conference. This decision was taken as the necessary precautions and safety of our sponsors, delegates and staff is paramount, and our communities health should be placed above all else. In this situation, the social distancing and lockdown is the key of breaking the link of COVID-19, as the safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority.

Nevertheless, we were committed to delivering content in a virtual setting in a time frame that would engage as many of the community as possible. We decided 2 Days, around-the-world virtual conference, would be unique and give everyone a chance to join in.

By not over complicating things with fancy broadcasting solutions or too many streaming options, We opted to keep the event a single track and feature many different technologies throughout the day, hoping people would jump in and out for topics or talks they were interested in.

We are Self-assured that Our team will be putting extra efforts to deliver the most thrilling experience Virtually and help the attendee with maximizing Virtual Networking Opportunities and Community Building.