Conference Partners c0c0n 2020

Kerala POLICE,Information Security Research Association,POLCYB

Kerala Police

Kerala State Police is the police force responsible for law and order maintenance and public safety, in the State of Kerala with its headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital.

Kerala Police has a reputation for being one of the best-managed state police forces in the country and is one of the top-ranking states in terms of maintenance of law and order. Kerala police is also one of the first police departments in South Asia to implement community policing through an enactment. Similarly, initiatives such as Kerala Police Cyberdome, a PPP model in cyber governance and Kerala Police, CSSE- Countering online Child Exploitation, Student Police Cadets and digital strategies to tackle crimes, have earned a reputation for Kerala Police as a techno-savvy police force.
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ISRA is a leading security research organization providing the latest security awareness insights and information through seminars, conferences, and other events. It also provides a networking platform for professionals from corporate and government organizations, including investigation agencies, research organizations and academia, and other industry leaders. Members have unlimited access to a bunch of powerful and free open-source tools for penetration testing, system and network administration, cyber forensics investigations, security testing, vulnerability analysis, and much more. ISRA has been listed amongst the TOP 50 INFOSEC NETWORKING GROUPS TO JOIN by Digital Guardian for the year 2019.
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The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB), was incorporated as a not-for-profit society in June 1999.

Based in British Columbia, POLCYB operates with its goal to enhance international partnerships among public and private professionals to prevent and combat crimes in cyberspace.
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September 17 - 19 2020 Virtual C0nference

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