Red Team Village, c0c0n 2020

c0c0n 2020

Red Team Village

Going virtual this year

Red Team Village ( is a community driven combat readiness platform for Adversarial attack simulation and Red teaming. This community is managed by a group of cyber security and red team tactics enthusiasts.
A red teamer needs to be skilled in every aspect of offensive security. We can consider this as a platform to share tactics, techniques, and tools related to various domains of adversarial attack simulation.
We have been organizing workshops, talks, demonstrations, open discussions, Capture the flag challenges and other exercises at Cyber Security conferences for the past 4 years.
We do design real life corporate CTF scenarios with the same network architecture and defensive mechanisms. The CTF players needs to do the red teaming against this infrastructure which protected and monitored by Blue teams.

Village agenda

Final agenda to be announced

1. Talks on Red teaming tactics and Adversarial attack simulation (30 - 45 minutes)

2. Training/Workshop on Adversarial attack simulation, Red teaming and Offensive cyber security (2 - 4 hours)

3. Adversaries and Defenders - CTF (Capture the flag competition)

Call for Speakers

Speakers to be announced

Our call for paper is open for talks and workshops. If anyone wish to present their awesome research on red teaming at our C0c0n Village, drop us an email on ops[at]redteamvillage[dot]org

Include talk title, abstract, demo related details and your profile. Keep in mind that, It should not be a vendor pitch. Your submissions must be focused on red teaming tactics rather than penetration testing. Submit your entries before August 10th 2020.

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