Kevin McPeake
Peak Security

For more than 30 years, Kevin McPeake has been a author, keynote speaker, innovator, pioneer and leader in cybersecurity and technological risk management domains. And the connection of cybersecurity to shareholder value is truly encoded into both his DNA and his career history. In 1991, Kevin invented the first product and co-founded one of the first two-way radio tower monitoring companies, Location Data Systems, Inc., which was wholly acquired by Motorola in 1995. In 1998, he co-founded Trust Factory, the first full-services cybersecurity consulting firm The Hague, which is now considered the cybersecurity capital of the Netherlands. He was the first public figure (2000) to call for making cybersecurity a function of Finance, rather than Technology, as a means to improve governance, organizational agility, and remove many of the business blockers, conflicts of interests, and high overheads that often affects security teams when cybersecurity operates as a function of Technology or Operations departments. He went on to implement this structure in two GSM companies - Orange (2004) and T-Mobile Netherlands (2015). He is the founder and driver behind Peak Security, a cybersecurity boutique focused on providing a sustainable ecosystem of security solutions, products and services, located in the center of The Hague, Netherlands.